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“I want more! There’s something new and refreshing about the way Bruce and Steve take on higher consciousness. A winner!”“Crank up your electronic devices, all you webisode junkies, there’s more than tutifrutti in this shake.”“This new web series is a delicious banana split that tastes like The Odd Couple meets Taxi Cab Confessions meets On The Road with Charles Kuralt with little chunks of Oprah sprinkled on top…simply delicious.””There’s never been a more lighthearted, good natured, upbeat take on matters of the spirit than that offered by Prophet or Madman. It’s a must see!”"Prophet…or Madman? With a Seinfeld alum behind the wheel and an Ice Cream Man who god talks to riding shotgun, this web series is a hoot! In the end, it’s all about the journey anyway, right?”Read more »


God created nothing but perfection. We are all children of the same source. In reality, it really doesn’t matter whether you call yourself a Buddhist, a Jew, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Christian or even an Atheist. Regardless as to the path you happen to be on or how you identify yourself, God created nothing but perfection.

Each and everyone was created from the same cloth and we all have the same inner core. It is only our judgmental mind that is getting in the way.

It is our attachment to form that keeps us from being unconditionally loving. Regardless of the path you are on, let the judgmental mind go and you awaken to who you truly are.

It is time for all those in the world who would hear to awaken and love all of humanity.

Bruce and Steve in conversation, Central Park NYSteve Allen communing with the pigeonsBruce Adams: All the birds want to be close to you...

For those of you who enjoy ice cream and coffee, I believe you will find the following recipe a delight.•To start off with, you take one shot of espresso and add about one-and-half ounces of half-and-half.•Next add 2 scoops of Snickers ice cream along with 1 scoop of Cookies and Cream.•Blend until completely smooth.The combination of the caramel and the chocolate in the snickers when combined with the creamy flavor of the cookies and cream come together with the espresso in a way that just works.Ice Cream Shake